Helping Local Business – Connecting our Community

We help take the burden and expense off of the business owner…

Local Businesses

We have helped many employees that are facing retirement understand the
transition into Medicare. We can work with any size business in the area to help them with their aging workforce.

As we are all working longer, many times businesses struggle to provide information to their employees on how the transition to Medicare works and what options are available. We help take the burden and expense off of the business owner and partner with them to provide information that can benefit the employee and employer.

If you are a business owner, contact us to find out how we can provide this service to your company at no cost to the company.

Local pharmacies

Working with local pharmacists to help them with questions and providing helpful information to keep them informed about Medicare and Medicare programs such as
LINET, LIS & MSP. They have referred their clients to us to help them with the Medicare Savings Program, Medicare insurance questions/help and assistance with the Medicare Extra Help program for their medications;

NorthPark Pharmacy         Downtown Discount Drugs           O’Briens & Dobbins

Walmart          Walgreens          CVS

We offer our time to be available if a Medicare Beneficiary needs our help…

We help local providers understand what is available to their clients through Medicare…

Local providers

Work with local providers to help them understand the different options that Medicare offers to beneficiaries. Medicare Beneficiaries have choices with their Medicare that can help them live a healthier life, we want to make sure the providers know what is available to their clients through Medicare. Also help providers understand networks and assist in any challenges that they are having to help their patients;

Oak Street Health Clinic          Rockford Psychiatric          Crusader Clinic

OSF providers          Swedish American providers          Mercy providers

Beloit Memorial providers

Senior complexes

Help the offices understand what we do and how we can help their residents thru understanding Medicare benefits/options, Medicare Savings Program and medication Extra Help. We can and do offer our time at pre-set times to be available if a Medicare Beneficiary needs help or has questions.