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No matter how long it takes, our professional advisors will make your Medicare journey easy to understand, comfortable and reassuring. We have helped thousands of seniors from all walks of life secure the best Medicare benefits available – allowing you to enjoy your senior years with peace and dignity. Read their testimonials…
Dear Adam, I am feeling much better thanks to you. I really want to thank you for all you have done for us… Read Freda’s letter
Freda F.

I would like to take this time and say that Adam Hale’s Extra Help Agency is the ticket for you. He helped me more than I could ask for… Read Dean’s letter
Dean C.

Your representative was friendly, knowledgeable and treated me with respect while helping me in the reimbursement process of my Medicare benefits… Read Katie’s letter
Katie P.

Adam Hale is a very dependable gentleman who will really help you. He explains everything so that you can understand and know what to expect… Read Alice’s letter
Alice N.

Adam is a great man. He helped me out with so many things. All I had to do was call him when I didn’t understand something. He is an easy person to talk to… Read Audrey’s letter
Audrey H.

Adam Hale has helped me so much with my insurance and financial issues. He sat down and went over everything with me that I had concerns with…When there is a new issue I have concerns about, he calls immediately and makes an appointment… Read Clarice’s letter
Clarice G.

You don’t have to walk this journey alone…

“Adam Hale came to my home twice to assist me with signing up for Wisconsin aid. I am so grateful – this Medicare/Medicaid stuff is the most confusing thing I have ever done and I truly appreciate his help and his kind attitude. I highly recommend him!” –  Read Sandra’s testimonial.

Sandra S.

I am happy to say, that Adam Hale, a highly educated and well-read man, has done great things for my husband and myself. When my husband was faced with the challenges of applying for Medicare/Medicaid, we were lost in a sea of the unknown! Adam Hale was our saving grace…a true God send. He called us to ask if we would like for him to come to our home to aid us in our quest for Medicare answers. We told him we would like his guidance and his expertise and he saved us from lots of headaches, and mistakes. He is knowledgeable in all things concerning Medicare and we are very grateful to him for getting us the best possible help and answers. Thank you, Adam Hale. We highly recommend anyone needing answers to call on him with 100% confidence. Respectfully Clayton W. and Pamela W. Beloit, WI 53511 Read Clayton and Pamela’s testimonial
Clayton W.

In the early Spring of 2014, I received a call from a man named Adam Hale representing Extra Help Agency LLC. The natural reaction I had was that this must be some kind of “scam”. After listening to him for several minutes it sounded too good to be true, but I said I would need to think about it for a few days and after that he could call me again and get my decision. In that time I did some “ground work” and decided to see him. We met for about an hour, and in that hour he explained in very understandable terminology the program(s) for “Extra Help”. There was absolutely no pressure put upon me and allowed me to ask questions as he presented in detail the steps in the programs. The amount of income to be put back into my “pocket” was unbelievable, and it DID HAPPEN! and continues to happen. Adam Hale has many “gifts” as a presenter and Extra Help advisor. It is not how much or how little you have or could have, but WHO YOU ARE that Adam cares about and wishes to help. He is an outstanding, truthful, honest, respectable, courteous, kind and very knowledgeable Extra Help Advisor who is “touching” you personally in your present situation and the future situations you may encounter to make YOUR LIFE JOURNEY so much BETTER and EASIER…. Read Dawn’s testimonial
Dawn P.

We care! Their is no cost or obligation for the services we provide…

“I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me. How you explained the things in Medicare that I did not understand. For all the time and work you put in to helping me with my drug costs and Medicare premiums. At no cost to me.

You are a very caring person and I’m happy to have had the pleasure of meeting you.” –  Read Dona’s testimonial.

Adam Hale has been a big help to me. He has set my mind at ease as Social Security and Medicare can be overwhelming. When I needed help he came through. Thank you so much…Read Lois’s letter
Lois K. - Beloit

As a new widow with Social Security as my only income I needed to know all options available to stretch these dollars.
Adam came to my home with a wealth of information on benefits available for limited income Medicare beneficiaries. He enrolled me at no cost, in every benefit I qualified for and followed through as the process proceeded.
Your guidance is appreciated Adam!…Read Charlotte’s letter
Charlotte F. - Belvidere

I want to thank you for all the help you have been to me in the past. I know if I have problems in the future you will be there to help me out.
I was a little nervous about letting a stranger into my house, but I’m sure glad I did!
You found a program for me that saves me money on my meds and didn’t cost me anything! Thanks again…Ready Judy’s letter
Judy C.

Adam Hale was very professional, yet still polite and understanding. He was really easy to talk to and took the time to answer all of my questions completely. It was like talking to a friend. Adam was very knowledgeable about all of the different policies and options. He enabled me to find the right fit for my situation, which helped save me a lot of money. He went way beyond my expectations. I will definately use his services again and would highly recommend him…Read Una’s letter
Una B.

I was very happy meeting Adam H. He helped me in many ways. If I had any questions Adam told me the answers.
Since I’ve been on this program I have saved on my meds and other products they offer.
I will always have his card handy should I need help.
I have had questions so I called Adam, he got back to me within an hour. Adam is very kind and will help anyone that calls on him. Thank you Adam H. for everything…Read Sharon’s letter
Sharon K. - Rockford

Extra Help is something I didn’t know about. I got a card in the mail wanting to know if I would like to know more about Extra Help. Adam Hale came to me and explained the new program. He talked about what I had and explained what else I could get. He was very helpful answering all my questions. He was a very professional and polite man. I felt very comfortable with him. He did help me so much…Read Lalah’s letter
Lalah B.

My husband and I were confused at all the Medicare things… We didn’t understand a lot of things until Adam came and helped us. He explained all the in’s and out’s and what were our choices. We really felt very good after his visit…Read Linda’s letter
Linda H. - Beloit

Adam Hale helped me get my Medicare refunded. Also, he helped me become aware of programs I qualified for that I wasn’t aware of since I am low income.
Adam Hale is very good at what he does for Medicare and people that need help. He sure helped me a lot…What a blessing Adam Hale is. And he does it for free…Read Phyllis’s letter
Phyllis B. - Rockford

Adam is an outstanding helper in our community. He helped me and my daughter greatly to get the assistance we needed badly. He is a real sincere person you can believe in…Read Carol’s letter
Carol B.

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Shirley G.
Patricia D.
Nancy B.
Ruth D.